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We create Augmented Reality that you can see with your current smartphone! Headsets are not typically needed in augzoo’s applications. We support iPhone & Android phones. Future apps may include the option to integrate Google Cardboard to our experiences. Keep an eye out for augzoo Cardboards... Coming soon! Check out our apps in our Portfolio!

Augmented Reality

Everyone with a standard smartphone is able to “Augment the World” and we’re leading the forefront into this technology. More than three-quarters of people have a smartphone and we’ve already given them the ability to bring unique Augmented Reality experiences to their lives and we strive to give everyone the power to add their own Augmented Reality as well.

Location-Based Experience

Our focus is to create experiences that entertain, educate and engage members of digital communities at physical locations. You might find a digital installation in one location, videos to play at another location and create an installation of your own at home through our augzoo apps. We’ve developed proprietary technology the gives the power to add Augmented Reality anywhere to everyone.

Our Portfolio


Aztlan, a 3D Aztec Soundscape Experience "Aztlan" is an Augmented Reality soundscape centered featuring a painting "Sacred Corn" by Robert Tatum (augmentation & painting concept by Michael Mendoza) augmented by poetry and prayers in the Aztec language Nahuatl. Download the app to hear the experience of a three dimensional audio-scape composed of music and poetry triggered by viewing the artwork using the app. To experience Aztlan, run the app and aim your device at the artwork, move the phone towards the painting to hear the audio shift. Move left and right to add to the experience.

ve'tana vaaya

ve’tana vaaya, Ray Valdez spirituals and artwork pairing In Native American yaqui/yoeme “ve’tana vaaya” means “from the valley” which is the meaning of Valdez. Ray Valdez is a Native American artist, healer and social worker. His spiritual songs are paired with his own artwork featuring the “Dusty Road song”, “Song to the buffalo” and the “Yoeme march song”. Check out the app to hear Valdez’ spirituals paired with his artwork. Vist Ray Valdez’ website: ve’tana vaaya target images

Austin Remembers: MLK

Austin Remembers: MLK, An Augmented Reality Mixed-Media Digital Installation & Tribute Designed for Austin’s 2017 MLK Celebration. It features photos from the LBJ Library Photo Archive of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Lyndon B. Johnson and other leaders during the Civil Rights Meetings & Signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act combined with oratory from Austin 2016 MLK Oratory Competition Finalists and videos from Six Square’s mini-doc series. The installation is designed for the south steps of the Texas Capitol building and the Texas African American History Memorial. Sponsored in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Community Initiative Grant and the support of Intellectual Properties Management, Inc. (IPM) Licensing Manager of the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, Six Square and in cooperation with the Austin Area Heritage Council (AAHC).

Flora AR

Flora AR, An Augmented Reality Flower Experience Please note: Unless you are at a location with flowers planted, You will need to plant your flowers to enjoy this experience. “Flora AR” encourages users to get outside and explore their world by “planting” virtual flowers with personal messages to share with other users. The app’s unique digital “bluebonnets” were designed by Texan native Marc Montoya, are used create variouos memorials and installations.
These special bluebonnet fields can be found at the:

  • South Path of the Texas Capitol
  • The Alamo, San Antonio texas
  • The location of each work commissioned by the Austin’s Art in Public Places Program
Sponsored in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Community Initiative Grant.

Zilker Flyer

Zilker Flyer, An Augmented Reality Kite Flying Experience Please note: You will need to plant some flowers with messages first to be able to see them. Inspires users to get outside and explore their world by “flying” Augmented Reality kites with other users. Encourages visitors to Zilker Park in Austin with a special kite that only appears in the app's menu when you are at Zilker Park. Download for iPhone:


  • All
  • We look to create experiences that engage, educate and entertain connecting members of digital communities at physical locations.

  • Ray Valdez | EAST 2016
  • A project with Native American artist Ray Valdez integrating spiritual songs with his paintings.

  • Cultural Arts | City of Austin
  • Worked with various non-profits including the Carver Museum, Six Square and City of Austin's Art in Public Places to create unique Augmented Reality experiences.

    Austin Remembers: MLK, Flora AR, Zilker Flyer were partially funded by a City of Austin Cultural Arts grant.

About augzoo

augzoo LLC is a mobile application Design & Publishing company founded by designer & digital artist Johnny Luce and content & project manager Michael Mendoza. The company builds on Johnny’s unique design background to incorporate the latest mobile technology creating experiences that engage, educate and entertain. augzoo’s mission is to create experiences that entertain, educate and engage members of digital communities. The company has produced apps that highlight cultural diversity with Augmented Reality experiences, as well as apps designed to support Diversional Therapy research, and corporate marketing.

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